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Below, you'll see how simple it is to use openskej -- both from the customer's perspective as well as the business' perspective. Feel free to interact with our demo business below by booking an appointment with it, and viewing the appointment from the business' Google Calendar.

  • Seamless integration to your website

    Blends right in

    The button to access your scheduler can be added to any website and can take any form. Most businesses will want to blend it right into their website's menu.

  • Only shows timeslots that are available

    Simple customer interface

    After a customer selects their preferred service and staff, openskej will scan your calendar and only show the available times that fit the service duration and staff's working hours.

  • Instantly adds appointment to Google Calendar

    You've got a new appointment!

    When an appointment is made through your website, it will instantly be added to Google Calendar. Also, two notification e-mails will be sent (one to the customer and one to the business).

    Clicking on an appointment from Google Calendar will reveal a customized popup that shows customer information and additional options to confirm or cancel.

  • Accept or cancel appointments from within Google Calendar

    Manage everything in Google Calendar

    Clicking the appointment in Google Calendar will let you:

    • Accept: sends an e-mail to the customer to notify them of your confirmation.
    • Cancel: removes the event from Google Calendar and sends an e-mail to the customer to let them know of the cancellation.

    You also have the option to add a personal message to the accept or cancel e-mails.

  • Have the best meeting ever

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