Automated online appointment scheduling

Designed with small business owners in mind

Convert web traffic into customers

Close the deal and make the most of your website traffic. Providing hassle-free online booking directly from your website means you'll never miss an opportunity to turn web traffic into a customer interaction.

Self serve scheduling

Your customers can find your availability and book an appointment even when you're not around. openskej fills your schedule for you, letting you focus on growing your business.


We work hard to make things simple for you. There's no software to download. All you need is a Google account. You'll be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Modern and simple online appointments

Comfortable customer experience

We designed openskej to fit seamlessly into any website. Your customers will book appointments right from the comfort of your website without ever having to leave it.

Don't have a website? We've got you covered -- every business gets its own link to share with customers.

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Get everything done in one place -- Google Calendar

Set it and forget it: once you've created an openskej account, everything else can be done inside Google Calendar. Appointments received through your website will be added immediately to your Google Calendar.

Your business can confirm or cancel appointments from Google Calendar. Once you do, openskej will automatically send an e-mail to let your customer know.

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How we differ from the rest

openskej works directly in Google Calendar, and here's how you benefit

Pass on the savings

Why reinvent the wheel? Instead of building our own calendar system from scratch, we chose to work directly in the most popular online calendar out there -- Google Calendar. This allows us to offer a full-featured service at an affordable price.

Take your calendar everywhere

Apple, Android, smartphone or tablet? Doesn't matter. All your appointment information stays in Google Calendar, letting you choose from the wide variety of Google Calendar apps available for your device.

No syncing issues

Other online scheduling services need you to sync between their calendar system and your own calendar. With openskej, there is no intermediary. Appointments are added directly to your Google Calendar, which means that your calendar is always up-to-date.

Full featured online calendar

No loss, all gain. Continue to use all of Google Calendar's features, such as calendar sharing, multiple colour-coded calendars and reminders. openskej integrates seamlessly between your website and Google Calendar.

Friendly pricing

$12 / month

Free for the first 2 months
Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.

2 month free trial

  • Get full access to the app
  • No credit card required
  • We help you get set up

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